Jessica Gomes, 31, born in the Basque Country (Spain), daughter of Portuguese immigrants. She currently lives in a small town in Galicia, called Finisterra, and combines her professional life as a cook in a restaurant, with her role as a contemporary romance writer.


He writes under the pseudonym of Jess GR and has, so far, eight self-published works in Spanish. An avid reader and very obsessed with everything she likes to do, she can lock herself up for several days to enjoy reading or writing for hours on end.





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I'm a lucky guy. Yes, I have everything that anyone would need to be happy; beauty, fame, more money than I could spend in three lives, and a lot of women willing to get into my bed if I just snap my fingers.
So ... why am I not happy?
I train hard to win every fight I fight, and that led me to be the world champion in mixed martial arts. That has always been my dream, to overcome my father, to go much further than him, but now that I have succeeded, the only thing I miss is ...
She, Samantha Parker, the only woman capable of moving my world. For her I was on the point of leaving everything, the fight, my dream, but I ruined everything, as I always do. I lost it and I regret it every damn second of my days. What if I could get it back? Is it possible to correct all the mistakes I made in the past? I hope so, because without it I have no future.
My name is Liam Ryder and I want to tell you my story.