Maggi is a USA TODAY bestselling author of Regency romance. She fell in love with the Georgian and Regency eras after reading the books of Georgette Heyer and Jane Austen, and the Victorian era through the works of the Bronte sister’s and Gothic stories of Victoria Holt. After gaining a BA and an MA in Creative Writing Maggi began a career in writing. She lives with her husband in the beautiful Southern Highlands of Australia.

The author of Mary Poppins, P.L. Travers lived in the street one hundred years ago. A statue of her famous character graces the local park.

The Regency series, Dangerous Lords: The Baron’s Betrothal, Seducing the Earl, The Viscount’s Widowed Lady, and Governess to the Duke’s Heir have all been Amazon bestsellers and are now available in print and audio. The Marquess Meets His Match sold over a million copies. Her Victorian mysteries are bestsellers: The Baron’s Wife and The Mystery at Falconbridge Hall.  Maggi also writes contemporary romantic suspense and young adult novels. She supports the wonderful work of the RSPCA.

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A Victorian Gothic romance

A dark cloud hovers over Wolfram, the ancient abbey Laura calls her new home. Can she trust the mysterious man she married?

After a whirlwind courtship, Laura Parr marries Baron, Lord Nathaniel Lanyon, and he takes her to live in his ancient home in Southern England. Laura comes to Cornwall excited to begin life with the passionate man she has married. But secrets lurk in the shadows. The death of Nathaniel’s first wife has never been solved, and some of the villagers believe him responsible. Struggling to understand her new husband, Laura tries to uncover the truth. With each stone unturned, she comes closer to danger.

Lord Nathaniel Lanyon had decided never to marry again. But when he meets Miss Laura Parr, the daughter of Sir Edmund Parr, one rainy afternoon, he realizes almost immediately that he must have her in his life. And the only way he could was to marry her.

Nathaniel believes that his troubled past is behind him and he can offer Laura a good life at Wolfram, even though he can never offer her his heart. But as soon as they come to live in the ancient abbey, the past returns to haunt him, revealing secrets that he thought had been buried forever. As he tries to fight the forces threatening to overwhelm him, he realizes that feisty Laura will demand more from him than he can give.