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Pre-order - Taming the Wind & Martha

⁣🔗 On the edge of the Great Southern Ocean, an old jetty offers a haven for those seeking solace. A place by the sea to think. Plan. And dream.

As the daughter of the region’s wealthiest family, Martha Ryan has everything a girl could ask for. Money means nothing because her soul longs for adventure, love, and a family of her own.

Thomas Blake is an artist weighed down by duty. Expected to follow his father into employment by the Ryan family as stationmaster, he yearns for the freedom to paint.

A chance meeting at the jetty one dawn changes both their lives. But will the expectations and prejudices of their families destroy their future?

Fall in love with Thomas and Martha in Taming the Wind, a prequel to The Stationmaster’s Cottage. Perfect as a standalone with its own happy ever after, or follow the lives and loves of the residents in River’s End across all six books. MARTHA⁣ 1972.

It is four years since Martha Ryan’s world crashed around her. Fleeing in England, she left everything behind. Her beloved seaside town of River’s End, her big sister, Dorothy, and the one man she loves beyond reason.

She finds a new home in Ireland. There, she buys a cottage, embarking on a career as a teacher in a small town that reminds her of her childhood. She travels, finds friendships, relationships, and adventures.

But dreams haunt her. Deep down, she longs for her hometown in Australia, and to see Dorothy again. Will a life well lived to be enough, or is one letter the turning point to risk everything she’s come to love?

'Martha' is a short companion story covering fifty years in about sixty pages. Read first, or alongside any of the books in the series. It fills in the missing years of Martha Ryan. #domandoovento #martha #phillipanefriclark #leabhareditora #romance #riversend #amazon #prevenda #leiasempre #instabooks #instalivros #book #kindle #livros

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