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She is a philologist, translator and author of children's stories. He collaborates with bibliotherapists, educators and psychologists, developing therapeutic projects for children's books, stories of emotions and values.

"I love to write, create my own stories, convey emotions, provoke smiles and thoughts, talk about the essential things that count in life and the insignificant things that entertain us. Because in literature, as in our own life - there is a place for everything. The balance inspires me, and that is what I want to achieve in our children's stories. Thanks to the exciting stories and magnificent illustrations. My goal is to publish our books soon and share the effect of my passion with everyone! My strength! As one of the protagonists of the Great Iris Circus says, "If you don't try it, it will never happen!"

Berni Pajdak

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Toni, the protagonist of The Great Circus Iris is a shy, passionate and very talented boy. His sister Sara supports him day after day and encourages him in an opportune moment so that Toni fulfills one of his big dreams and can become the protagonist of a circus performance. Grande Circo Iris is a children's story that exudes humor, sensitivity and respect that subtly addresses the problem of childhood disability. It is a book dedicated to children with functional diversity, to their siblings, who support them day after day and to their parents, who sometimes do not have at home the necessary tools to work with their children, emotionally and physically fragile.

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