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About the

Leabhar Books was created with the purpose of bringing to the Brazilian public, authors and incredible books, which are published every day in the English and Spanish languages. Our intention is to find talented and independent authors, known or need to be presented to Brazilian readers. We want you to fall in love with the most beautiful novels. Our stamp is 100% digital. Because we live in the literary world, we are aware of how much Brazilian readers feel they can not read a novel that has not been bought by the big publishers and they want a lot of reading power. That is why we want to try to reduce, as much as possible, this general discontent and hope to be able to count on the care and attention of all the readers.

    Our initial proposal is the Romance Historical, medieval and of Regency, and later we will expand with the intention to cover other genres of literature. Until then, we want to know which authors and authors you would like to see launched here in Brazil, what kind of novel you most identify with ... After all, the more we know the tastes of our readers, the more we can do to make them happy and happy.
    It is with great pleasure that we begin our activities. Nice to meet you all!

     Leabhar Books Editora

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