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Elena was born in Benavente, Zamora, where she currently lives with her husband and two children.

He studied law at the University of Salamanca, but as a child, her true passion for books Her vocation as a writer came to her through reading and shares her time between her and her family.

She loves movies, the countryside, and nature. She has written since he was a teenager, although he stopped doing it when he got married. After many years, she decided to return to something that had become a way of life for her.




  • amazon

The United States, 1861.


Brianna Fallon's peaceful existence in Boston changes when she is forced to take a job at the home of Wyatt Miller, owner of one of Atlanta's most important cotton plantations. A dark, attractive and enigmatic man who arouses emotions in her that she did not believe she possessed, to the point of testing her most sacred oath.

For Wyatt, Brianna's presence means facing a past that he tries to forget. You will have to face your own emotions and a woman full of secrets that you cannot deal with, but that you will have to unravel to save your life, your heart, and your soul.

As they both struggle to overcome the attraction they feel, the beginning of a war that will shake the country's foundations will test the strength of the feelings that have only just begun to emerge.

When two damaged souls meet, they are destined to heal.

When two hearts beat together, they must fight to stay afloat. When the wind speaks the language of weapons, love can be the only salvation.

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