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It was in the winter of 2010, with the mists rolling across the fields and the night crawling through the woods surrounding her house in southwestern France, that her thoughts turned to write, and more specifically - vampires.

She wanted to write since a very young age and made several attempts as a teenager, but she could never finish anything. There in Dordogne, a few years later, it came very naturally. From that day, she has written ten novels and as many short stories. 2017 marks the year when she finally able to live your dream and write full time, and she doesn't want to waste a minute!

She has lived in rural France since 1998, a big shock for a girl who'd lived all her life outside London. She survived French plumbing, marauding cows, falling through rotten floorboards and three home births (while midwife sat downstairs chatting to talking to her other half and drinking red wine). Now she has three lovely daughters, four cats, a wild imagination and a very patient husband. She can't live without music, chocolate or English teabags.


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Girls Who Dare


Inside each shy and isolated young woman beats the heart of a lioness, a passionate person willing to risk everything for her dream, if she can find the courage to start. When these overlooked young women make a pact to change their lives, anything can happen.

Eleven Women - Eleven Unexpected Challenges. Who Will Dare To Risk Everything?

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french legends


Of Vampires


He has waited centuries for his return. She is just now discovering her true powers.

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of the fae

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