Emmanuelle lives with her husband and her hairy pudding terrier (connoisseur of squeaky toys and bacon treats). 

In love with the Scottish Highlands, so wild and windswept, she likes nothing better than to watch through her windows the restless skies and waves and the long-grassed hillsides--all in motion.

She writes historical romances of all shades, with a penchant for the Gothic. 

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We all Struggle. we all Desire

Captured. Seduced. Craved.

At the mercy of a savage band of Vikings, led by a formidable warrior.
Held captive against her wishes.
For the first time, a man's strength will matches Elswyth's own.
At the mercy of her ruthless captor, Elswyth discovers that a Viking's desire is not to be denied.
Is she strong enough to make her own terms with the man who wishes to dominate her, or is she destined to surrender all, including her heart?

Discover burning desire and brutal passion, in a world threatened by ambition, jealousy, and revenge.

Heat level: volcanic

Read on, in the dark and steamy sequel, 'Viking Wolf': a full-length novel, continuing Eirik and Elswyth's journey through danger and desire.

The dark prequel to the 'Viking Warriors' series.


Some Beasts cannot be tamed

burning desire and brutal passion

Caught between two Viking warrior brothers, am I anything but a pawn in their game of vengeance?
As the ancient blood-rituals of Ostara night begin, dark forces are stirring.
Nowhere is safe. And there's nowhere left for me to run.

Surrender to suspense, mystery and forbidden passion - in 'Viking Wolf'.
Heat level: volcanic

Viking Wolf is the second in the Viking Warriors series: a full-length historical romance, with some dark and steamy scenes.




Born from Fire, Risen from Ashes

A reputation built upon ruthless savagery.
A warrior reveling in bloodshed and conquest.
A man bent on revenge.

Newly wedded to Eirik, now jarl of all Svolvaen, Elswyth carries the baby they both long for.
Their happiness seems assured until Elswyth falls into the hands of Svolvaen's fiercest adversary, sworn to avenge his wife's death.
Elswyth must submit as his thrall or forfeit her life.
But the true murderer remains in their midst, and his ambition knows no bounds.

'Viking Beast' is a novel of love, betrayal, secrets, and redemption.

Heat Level: Volcanic