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Gilberto Nascimento was born and raised in Joanésia, in the southeastern region of Minas Gerais. Son of a teacher, he started to write in theater plays at school, of which he was also an actor. He learned to enjoy reading with his mother who bought comic books and became interested in literature by reading “Playing Chess with the Angels”, the book of his life!
In 2011 he graduated in performing arts. In 2012, he wrote the web-series for Youtube “Maldades da Vida”, of which he made the villainous protagonist César Ribeiro. His first book “A Viagem Unpublished” was developed in the following year and then he stopped writing. In 2014 he released his first Gospel CD "Blindado por Deus", something considered a dream.
He currently lives in Ipatinga, also in Minas Gerais and studies Pedagogy.

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On May 23, 1848, an anonymous letter is sent to the Delegate with the information of a woman held for 15 years by her mother, in a sordid attic, amid garbage and worms.

Mariana had her life planned, getting married, writing a book and having a family. Until an unexpected man changes the course of his entire destiny.

Miguel, a young middle-class man falls head over heels in love with Mariana, but the young woman's mother, who is known throughout the city, forbids this romance, which when seeing her daughter's disobedience discharges her ire over her, causing her many pains, tears , constant losses and fears.

After a brief escape, Mariana is forced to renounce her love. Without measuring efforts, Constância will go to the extreme to keep her name and her merits in society. Even remove your grandson from the daughter's bowels.

The young woman, before full of life and dreams, could only wish for death, without being able to survive the chaos that her days were transformed after being locked up in the attic by her own mother, she wanted peace for her lonely and hopeless days ... For 15 years.

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