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Katharine is a professor of history and popular culture, teaching courses in the history of romantic fiction, film religion, and fiction and creative writing at Duke University. She co-founded and directed the UNSUITABLE Speakers Series at Duke University on women, history, and popular fiction.


She writes publicly and teaches in workshops on women's history, feminism, romance, and writing. She is also the organizer and moderator of Facebook's Feminist Romance Book Club.


Katharine lives in the wonderfully warm Southeast with her husband, son, and a garden she likes to call romantic rather than sloppy. She loves meeting readers in person and connecting with readers by letter, email, and also on social networks!

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Devil's Duke


Society calls him perverse. Dangerous. Profane.

A beast.

Tucked away in a remote castle, the elusive Duke of Loch Irvine has a secret - a secret he will do anything to protect.

Chasing the Duke from Edinburgh to the Highlands, detectives, spies, journalists and one tenacious lady all race to be the first to announce to the world the truth behind the mystery of Scotland's dark lord, the Devil's Duke.

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Rogues of the Sea


They are titled. Rich. Powerful. And beautiful as sin... 

Bound by a noble purpose, three lords of the realm have risked their fortunes, their friends and their reputations in the name of a secret mission that only they have the power to pursue - a mission they have sworn to defend with their lives.


But three smart, determined women will shatter it all. For these heroes never counted on love being the one thing they wouldn't sacrifice.




Aphrodite gets ready for her...

The Goddess of Love is stuck in Regency England with nothing to do but stir up trouble of the most ravishing kind. A noble family is about to discover how dedicated Aphrodite is to her work.

Nominated for the Rita Award.


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Captive Bride

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