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Minerva Spencer's brief biography, author, will tell you that she was a criminal prosecutor, a college history professor, and a B&B operator. What that doesn't say is that she also worked as a docker at a dock, an ice cream maker, a reader for the blind, a motel employee and a bounty hunter.

Okay, so the part about being a bounty hunter is a lie.

Minerva, however, knows how to hypnotize a Dungeness crab, sew her own Regency Era clothes, knit a frog hat, juggle, rebuild a 1959 American Rambler and gain control of Asia (and hold on to it) in the game of RISK.

Minerva's first series, The Outcasts, is a Regency Era series that features unusual protagonists who face exciting challenges and unusual situations.

Minerva also writes under the name SM LaViolette

THE MUSIC OF LOVE is book 1 of The Academy of Love series in English, which was released on December 15, 2019.


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Academy of Love


THE ACADEMY OF LOVE features seven out-of-work professors from the Regency era who are about to get some serious lessons in love...

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