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A first-generation Italian/Canadian, Mirella was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, but grew up in Calgary, a city famous for Calgary Stampede, oil companies, and the Wild West. He attended the University of Calgary, where he specialized in leadership and human resources. She worked as a bilingual Italian-English secretary, police radio operator, and administrative manager.

Mirella Sichirollo Patzer writes original historical novels in exciting periods of history. From medieval times to the early 18th century, his stories feature intriguing characters and fascinating heroines. Her favorite setting is Italy, for that is where the root of her passion lies, the roots of her strong Italian heritage. Still, she also wrote about the beginnings of Canada and medieval Germany.

She loves a clean, orderly house, but hates housework, hates winter, and is a bit claustrophobic. Your passions are:
reading books, aqua jogging, cooking, writing, and a good dose of his homemade tiramisu - a recipe that rivals the best Italian restaurants.

Mirella lives in Cochrane, Alberta, with her husband and family.

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A desperate flight from an obsessed captor.

And a life and death search to reunite with her one true love.

In the 10th century Naples, Saracens run rampant, annihilating villages, murdering women and children. Death and despair are everywhere. Alone in the world, Sara is a young novice plagued with doubts about taking her final vows. When her convent is attacked, she flees for her life straight into the arms of a group of Saracens who leave her to die alone in the woods. An honorable Cavaliere named Nicolo comes to her rescue and offers to take her to the safety of Naples. As they journey together, they are irresistibly drawn to each other. Believing Sara to be a nun, the honorable Nicolo is torn between love and duty to respect her vows. Heartbroken, he does what honor demands and sets her free before she can tell him the truth that she is not a nun. In her search to reunite with Nicolo, she encounters Umberto, a dark and dangerous man who will stop at nothing in his obsession to possess her. With her sharp intellect and her heart, Sara must rely on her own courage and strength to escape her abuser and find the only man she will ever love. A story that burns with intensity, intrigue, and passion from the author of the Orphan of the Olive Tree and The Prophetic Queen.


A Blood Pledge to marry their firstborn unites the Benevento and Ventura families.

Two women. A curse cast out of jealousy. It is a secret that can destroy them!

The old superstition that non-identical twins can only come from different parents.
A twin is taken with just a gold ring and a brocade blanket as clues from her past and left under an olive tree in front of a small convent. The child is named Olivia and raised by the nuns.
She knows Luca and the love between them is undeniable. But Luca was already engaged.
Could Luca avoid marriage to be with Olivia?
Could Olivia's past drive them away forever?
Fate takes a turn and something that no one could foresee ...

From two neighboring villages in the heart of the Tuscan countryside to the elegance of Siena; from a world full of ancient superstitions to a culture where family honor is paramount, this is a multi-layered romance of the lives, loves, secrets and efforts of two women and their families in the 13th century.

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