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Phillipa lives on the outskirts of a beautiful country town in Victoria, Australia. She also lives in the many worlds of her imagination and stores stories on the laptop, always by her side.
Being in love with music, the ocean, nature, reading, and writing, she relies on her life experiences to bring colour and depth to her characters.
The inspiration for The Stationmaster Cottage came from the nearby real-life cottage, a childhood spent in the coastal towns, and the moving reunion with her sister after a lifetime away. It was initially registered as a screenplay in 2005 at WGA and conceived in 2002. Phillipa is a member of Romance Writers of Australia.
When not working or writing, Phillipa loves reading everything from romance to suspense to speculative fiction, enjoys growing vegetables and roses and being with her beloved family.

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"I'll wait for you. There ... at the end of the pier, I'll wait."


Thomas and Martha believed that their love was invincible until a devastating series of events separated them. For their final meeting, they promised to meet at the pier where they met. Fifty years later, Christie Ryan inherits a dilapidated country house in a seaside town she has never heard of. With the discovery of a touching mystery, she becomes obsessed with unraveling old family secrets.


The reclusive artist Martin Blake grew up with his grandfather after losing his parents. The arrival in your city of a metropolis girl with a connection to the past defies everything he knows about himself. On opposite sides of a mystery, two strangers have something in common and are in danger of seeing their safe worlds destroyed.


Fifty years of secrets are about to crumble. A fascinating story of lost love, courage and redemption, and how the consequences of a woman's manipulation spread over three generations.


The romance grows ...

... and the mystery deepens.

The storm that is coming does not come entirely from Mother Nature.

When the mysterious woman approached Martin, she looked innocent enough. It wasn't his first order, but when she demanded secrecy, he started to wonder.

What was she really looking for?

As the renovation of the house continues, an offer to buy it appears. Christie, who fell in love with the picturesque city, politely declines, but what happens next worries her.

The quiet seaside town is deeply affected by a series of assaults.

Who will be behind the break-ins?

When Christie's home is targeted, she and Martin work to get to the bottom of it. As you follow the clues, the danger increases. A decision to follow a lead alone, overseas, is perhaps the biggest mistake that Christie has ever made.

You will love this second book in the River's End series, because of the twists, the pulsating suspense, and the heart-melting heat.

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