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Yolanda Revuelta was born on January 17, 1973, in Torrelavega, Cantabria (Spain)

As a child, children's reading became part of the trunk of his memories, other types of works came into his hands, more in line with the adolescence, he was going through. Thus, she met the protagonists of Wild Tempest, by author Johanna Lindsey, where she got lost in the western corners. From that moment on, she became a voracious reader of the wonderful genre of the novel, traveling and sharing lovely moments. And so she continued and also began to write in her teens, expressing her ideas in her spare time, transforming her little product of love stories, sometimes, from her own experiences and her hormones revolutionized by the stage he was going through. And he never stopped doing that.

In 2012, he released his first novel Viento de Otoño and, in the course of 2013, introduced all his followers Noches en la Niebla.

Yolanda wrote more than thirteen novels. Being Caresses of Destiny, one of his most recognized successes worldwide.

He fervently believes in the proverb: "A friend is a treasure, so he likes to talk, laugh and have a lot of fun with his own."

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Staying at your friend's house during the summer will make Jimena Romano finish her doctoral thesis. But you will not only discover that Barna is a land as green as magic, but you will also find a grumpy hermit, whom you have never heard of and who will surprise you even more.

Tormented by the past in which he locks himself, Logan MacKinlay is almost imperceptible in Barna, the city that saw him born.
Isolated from the world and enveloped in his physical and psychic scars, destiny will send him a new battle to fight for when his path meets that of his sister's best friend. Your consolidated and painful existence will no longer be the same and, to face what your heart screams, you will have to pass another test.

Can a caress break the barrier of pain and loneliness?

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