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Anne Redheart is a Spanish author, from Elche (Alicante). He has ten books published in his literary career: six poems, one children's story in verse, and three novels, in addition to receiving an infinity of national and international awards.
"Te Respiro" is his first novel, being the best seller on Amazon in the first three months, seducing millions of readers worldwide. Now, when arriving in Portuguese, at the hands of Leabhar Books, the question is: Would you dare to fall in love with someone who shouldn't? Immerse yourself in this suspense novel, with high doses of eroticism, which promises to leave you breathless.


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Lucia has everything in life. At thirty-two, he has a steady job and is about to marry Samuel, the great love of his life. Everything changes the day he returns home and finds him sleeping with Tania, his best friend.
He decides to leave and goes to Torrevieja, where he will find a temporary job and meets Susana and Alice. Her new friends talk to her about "El Malecón", a bar where some guys perform dance shows and take clients out to dance. There she meets Marcos, whom Lucia falls madly in love with right after seeing him.
But not everything will be a path of roses, Marcos hides a mystery that Lucia may never be able to discover.
Together, they will have to flee the past, flee from a vengeful enemy, and want to see them dead.
Will Marcos and Lucia escape the weight of the past?
What mystery does Marcos hide?
Will love triumph despite all obstacles?

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