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About the

Taigh Books was created to honor national authors. Just as we have been researching and investing in prestigious and talented foreign authors, many of whom are unknown to the Brazilian public, but widely recognized in their country of origin, we also want to support our literature.

Offering a place in our home for national authors is a great honor for us at Leabhar and we hope to live up to the expectations of both those who write and those who read.
The author Gilberto Nascimento is the inaugural author of the label, but does not stop there, soon we will have more news, as the author Rosane Ribeiro, new contractor Taigh, with the book Olá, Saíd.

We hope to continue winning more and more readers and authors. We also took the opportunity to thank the affection of our readers, who deserve all our respect and admiration!

Our job is for you!

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