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ANNE GRACIE spent her childhood and youth on the move, thanks to her father's work, which took them around the world. The itinerant life taught him that humor and love are universal languages and that favorite books can take you home, wherever you are. 
Anne began her first novel while traveling the world alone, handwriting in notebooks. Published by Harlequin, Berkley USA, and Penguin Australia, her Regency-era novels are national bestsellers in the US, have won many awards, been translated into over eighteen languages, and include Japanese manga editions (which she thinks is cool). A lifelong advocate for universal literacy, Anne also writes books for adults learning to read.

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A chance meeting on a dark road, a wounded heroine, a hero in waiting, and Christmas...

When Blake Ashton reluctantly returns to England for a business meeting - his first visit in ten years - he finds that his partners are preparing for a big family Christmas in the country. Ash wants none of it. He has only one plan in mind - to show his face and then immediately return to his free and easy life in the Far East.
On his way to Devon on a dark and freezing night, he is approached on the road by a highwayman. Shots are exchanged and, to Ash's horror, he discovers that he has accidentally wounded a girl. Ash can't leave her bleeding on the road, so he stays and takes care of her.

Charlotte Underwood, hiding from an unscrupulous guardian, is struggling to support herself and her little brother. Wounded and helpless at the hands of this handsome stranger, Charley soon realizes that her heart is also in danger because of him.
Dragged away for a family Christmas with Max and Abby Davenham, and Abby's 'sisters of the heart' - not to mention her imperious aunt, Lady Beatrice - Charley finds the friendship and support her lonely heart craves. 

As his feelings for Charley grow, Ash is forced to face his own past and why he left England in the first place.

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