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Sadie Bosque is a writer of intense historical romances. Surrounded by the charm of the historic setting, her love stories communicate to the modern reader through her characters' experiences. The heroes and heroines of Sadie's stories are imperfect, flawed people with big hearts. Sadie believes that a "happily ever after" has to be earned with a lot of effort. The trials and tribulations your characters go through make them stronger and make the "happily ever after" that much sweeter.

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Theirs is a marriage of convenience

She loves another...

Lady Julie has dreamed of marrying her childhood sweetheart since she was four years old. Unfortunately, her father has other plans. He has his sights set on her marrying an earl. When she is forced into an unwanted betrothal, Julie needs to make a choice: wait for her true love and destroy her honor, or make a deal with the forbidding earl.

He vowed to never love again...

Robert, the Earl of Clydesdale, has sworn off love. A marriage of convenience is more to his liking. So he wasn’t about to turn away a beautiful young lady’s plea for help in exchange for her hand in marriage. But once he spends more time with his betrothed, his icy heart begins to melt. Only his betrothed is in love with another. Now Robert has a choice, either lock his heart away and live in misery, or take a risk and fight for the woman he loves.

This work of fiction contains adult content, strong language, violence, off page death, bullying, nightmares, pregnancy and miscarriage.

Reader discretion is advised.


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